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Bariatric Practice

Bariatric Medicine, Medical Weight Loss, or Weight Management Practice


ALL physicians who meet the definition of the bariatric medicine regulation must register their practice:


Rule 1.2 Definitions.


M. “Bariatric Medicine, Medical Weight Loss, or Weight Management Practice” means a public or privately-owned practice


a. for which 30% or more of the patients are provided a comprehensive weight management treatment program or;


b. 30% or more of the patients receive any controlled substance approved by the FDA for the pharmacologic management of weight loss or;


c. any licensee who advertises weight loss by any means. Excluded from this definition is any practice in which a licensee advertises the use of nonpharmacological products as part of the licensee’s overall practice of medicine. In order to be excluded from this definition, the licensee’s practice must have nonpharmacological weight loss and/or weight loss management as a component of the overall management of the patient’s total health care. If the use of nonpharmacological products for weight loss and/or weight management exceeds 30% of the total outpatient clinic visits for any single 90-day consecutive period, the practice will be considered a bariatric medicine/medical weight loss practice and will be subject to all the rules and regulations pertaining to bariatric medicine/medical weight loss practice.


Bariatric surgeons whose primary practice is surgical weight loss and not long-term management of weight loss through medical, pharmaceutical, and/or behavioral management are also excluded from this definition.


Contact Information:

If you have any questions, please contact the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure (MSBML) at Tel: (601) 987-3079, Request to speak with the Bariatric Practice Registration Specialist.

Mail forms to: MSBML - Bariatric Practice, 1867 Crane Ridge Drive, Ste 200-B, Jackson, MS 39216 FAX: 601-987-4159.  The cover page should identify the name of the primary physician and the Mississippi medical license number.