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APRN Collaboration

APRN Collaboration/Consultation

The following is intended for physicians who currently collaborate or anticipate collaborating with an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN).

Title 30, Part 2630 of the Board's Administrative Code provides the requirements regarding collaboration with APRNs. In an effort to facilitate a smooth collaboration process, the Board is providing the protocol example posted below. As stated in the example, it is not the intention of the Board for a physician to create an exact copy of the example. Each protocol should be individually tailored to each practice situation, keeping in mind the subject matter of the example.

If a physician anticipates collaborating with an APRN whose practice location is greater than 75 miles from the primary practice location on file with the Board, the application for a free standing clinic posted below must be filled out and approved by the Board prior to the physician effectuating the collaborative relationship. Any documentation which would substantiate the free standing clinic falling under an exemption should be supplied with the application for consideration by the Board.

Physicians should be aware that the rules promulgated in Title 30, Part 2630 apply to all collaborative relationships with APRNs, not just in situations regarding free standing clinics. Any physician whose collaborative status with an APRN changes (e.g., new addition, deletion or modification, etc.) should notify the Board immediately. Waiting until annual license renewals to notify the Board is unacceptable. To properly notify the Board of a collaborative practice change, please submit the Collaboration Information Form below either by mail or fax (601-987-6822).

Any additional questions may be answered by contacting the Board and asking for the Investigator in charge of physician collaboration with APRNs.