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Verification Information

The Board of Medical Licensure offers several different ways to verify a license. The “Locate a Licensee” is free; however, it is not an official detailed license verification. 

The “Licensure Verifications” section contains three separate verification functions. The “Professional Verification” function produces an official verification that can be used for credentialing purposes. “Certifications to Another State Medical Board” should be used by licensees to have their Mississippi license verified to another state. The “Electronic Database Download” is a one time download of currently licensed individuals. The fee is $300.00 dollars plus a small convenience fee if paying electronically. This convenience fee is distributed to the company accepting the electronic transaction, not the Board of Medical Licensure.

The “Profile System” is a fee-based verification system. It can be accessed 24/7 with a user name and password.

Locate a Licensee

Licensure Verifications

  • Professional Verification
    This is a one-time verification request. The fee is $25 and is mainly for hospitals and other credentialing entities. Offices of the Veterans Administration should contact MSBML for license verifications.

  • Certification to Another State Medical Board
    This link to VeriDoc will allow the practitioner to send a verification of a license to another state medical board.

  • Electronic Database Download
    You may download a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) text file of currently licensed physicians and physician assistants for a fee of $300.

Profile System

An on-line fee-based profiling system is available for credentialing entities. A log-in ID and password are required to access the system. In order to receive a log-in ID and password,  the following forms, completed in their entirety, and the required access fee of $500 must be submitted to the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure 1867 Crane Ridge Drive Suite 200-B, Jackson MS 39216. This fee will provide unlimited access for one year, at which time the subscription may be renewed. The profile system is updated nightly (except weekends and state holidays) to allow for up-to-date information.