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Permanent Licensure Reinstatement

  • Any physician, osteopath, podiatrist, or physician assistant not practicing in Mississippi who allows his or her license to lapse by failing to renew the license for more than one year may be reinstated by the Board.
  • The licensee must complete an application for reinstatement of his or her Mississippi license.  An initial application fee of $250 must be paid upon submission of the reinstatement application. 
  • Prior to the reinstatement of a license, any physician, osteopathic physician, podiatrist, or physician assistant who has not actively practiced for a three (3) year period shall be required to participate in a Board approved physician assessment program and/or clinical skills assessment program to assure post-licensure competency.  A physician shall be deemed to have not "actively" practiced medicine if during said three (3) year period, the physician has not treated any patients for remuneration, other than friends or family.  This excludes those physicians, osteopathic physicians, podiatrists, and physician assistants who perform charity work or work in research. For a list of Board approved programs, visit this link: Board Approved Programs

     Instructions and Forms

       Please do not send these forms to MSBML without first submitting an application for reinstatement via the MELS User Gateway


Applying for Reinstatement

  • All reinstatement applications are submitted online utilizing the Mississippi Enforcement and Licensure System (MELS).  First time users must register and establish a Username and Password.  Click the link below to access the user Gateway:

MELS User Gateway