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Frequently Asked Questions

License Information

  • Who is eligible to renew on-line?

    If you are a M.D., D.O., or D.P.M. and have a permanent Mississippi medical or podiatric license that is going to expire on June 30th, you are eligible to renew on-line.

  • What if my medical license expired more than a year ago?

    You are not eligible to renew on-line. You may contact the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure or visit the Board's web site for additional information.

  • May I renew on-line if I do not have all my CME's?

    No, you must contact the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure office for further information.

  • If I am retired, do I still have to acquire CME's?

    Yes, any physician with a current medical license must have documentation of completing the CME requirement.

  • Is there a reduced fee for senior citizens?

    No, but you may omit the renewal fee once you have reached 70 years of age.

  • Will I still receive a wallet card if I renew on-line?

    Yes, a wallet card will be mailed to your mailing address within two days of receiving your on-line renewal.

  • How do I get my nurse practitioner's license number?

    Your nurse practitioner should be able to provide it to you.

  • What is the difference between my primary practice location, mailing address and additional practice location?

    Primary practice location is the physical location where you practice the majority of the time. Mailing address can be a post office box or street address. The mailing address is where the Board will mail any correspondence. Additional practice location is a practice location other than your primary practice location. It may be a hospital or a clinic in another state. Your primary practice may be in another state and your additional practice location may be in Mississippi.

  • What is a (NIP) National Provider Identification Number?

    The Administrative Simplification Provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) mandated the adoption of a standard unique identifier for health care providers. The National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) collects identifying information on health care providers and assigns each a unique National Provider Identifier (NPI). For further information and to apply for a number, refer to the following website:

Paying Online

  • Is paying online safe?

    Making payments online is actually safer and more dependable than paying by mail. This system uses cutting-edge encryption technology to ensure that only those approved by you can have access to your confidential information.

  • What forms of payment can I use online?

    Payments must be made by either Visa/MasterCard credit or debit cards, Discover/American Express credit cards, or electronic check for online payments.

  • Why is my e-mail address required on the payment page?

    Your e-mail address will be used to: send you a final confirmation of your payment; notify you of problems processing your payment; or notify you of other Board of Medical Licensure's services that may be of interest to you.

  • How do I know that my payment was made?

    After completing the payment process, a confirmation page with a corresponding confirmation number will be displayed. You are encouraged to print this page for your records. Additionally, we will send you the same information by e-mail within one hour of your transaction.

  • What is my confirmation number?

    Your personal confirmation number is very important. The confirmation number is used to track the process of your online payment in Payment Tracker. After making a payment with the Board of Medical Licensure online payment system, your confirmation number will appear on the final screen. You will also receive the confirmation number by e-mail within an hour after making a payment with the Board of Medical Licensure online payment system. For your records, we suggest you print the final payment page and the e-mail containing the confirmation number.