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Physician Assistant Licensure

Physician assistants may perform those duties and responsibilities, including diagnosing and the ordering, prescribing, dispensing of prepackaged drugs, and administration of drugs and medical devices as delegated by their supervising physician(s). Physician assistants may provide any medical service which is delegated by the supervising physician when the service is within the physician assistant's training and skills; forms a component of the physician's scope of practice: and is provided with supervision.

Physician assistants shall be considered the agents of their supervising physicians in the performance of all practice-related activities including, but not limited to, the ordering of diagnostic, therapeutic, and other medical services.

The cost of the license application is $550, which is payable after submission of an online application.  The license is valid until June 30th of the current renewal year.  However, if the license is issued after April 1, it is valid until June 30 of the following year.

Education Requirements

The applicant's PA Education must be a Masters level program. MSBML is unable to issue a license based on a Bachelor's program as mandated by state law. However, if the applicant is currently enrolled in a Masters level PA program, MSBML may be able to issue a Temporary PA license, valid for a maximum of 6 months. Once the PA program is completed, the Temporary license may be converted to a Permanent license.

If the applicant is a current resident of Mississippi and holds a current, active license in another state, there is an exception to the above rule and it may be possible to issue a Permanent PA license.

Applying for a license

  • All license applications are submitted online utilizing the Mississippi Enforcement and Licensure System (MELS).  First time users must register and establish a Username and Password.  Click the link below to access the user Gateway:

MELS User Gateway


Instructions and Forms

  Please do not send these forms to MSBML without first submitting an application for licensure via the MELS User Gateway.

Protocol Submission

  • All Physician Assistants whose supervising physician(s) will be located greater than 75 miles from the Physician Assistant's practice site must have their protocol approved by the Board in advance of any practice or change of practice in Mississippi.  Please click the link below for further information regarding the protocol approval process:

Protocol Submission Process


MAPA Assistance

  • Seeking licensure as a Physician Assistant in Mississippi is a legally required and exacting process as organized through the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure. To that end the leadership of the Mississippi Academy of Physician Assistants, a statewide professional PA organization, has volunteered to assist any new PA applicant in seeking this licensure. This would include assistance with paperwork submission, protocol review, and professional advice. For any further information please contact:

Gavin Nowell, PA-C
MAPA Legislative Chair


Continuing Medical Education

  • Physician assistants must acquire at least 100 hours of CME every 2 years, 50 hours of which must be Category 1, as defined by the ACCME, AAPA, AMA, or AOA.  Physician assistants who are certified by the NCCPA may meet this requirement by providing evidence of current NCCPA certification. 
  • As part of the 50 hours referenced above, Physician Assistants authorized to prescribe controlled substances must complete at least 5 hours of CME every 2 years related to the prescribing of controlled substances.
  • Physician Assistants will be required to attest to completing the required CMEs during renewals in even-numbered years.
  • New Physician Assistant licensees must obtain at least 5 hours of Category 1 AMA, AOA, or AAPA CME in the area of Prescribing Controlled Substances, to be produced along with their Controlled Substance Prescriptive Authority application. MAPA offers coursework which satisfies this requirement. Additionally, any CME that meets the aforementioned requirements will count as well.

Link to MAPA website