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Limited X-Ray Machine Operators

  • A Limited X-Ray Machine Operator (LXMO) is a person other than a licensed practitioner or radiologic technologist who is issued a permit to perform medical radiation technology on certain parts of the human anatomy, such as chest, abdomen, and skeletal structures.
  • A LXMO cannot perform fluoroscopy, c-arm, contrast studies, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy studies or mammography.
  • A LXMO can work for up to one (1) year without the permit in order to acquire the 12 hours of continuing education needed for permit application.

Rules and Regs


Applying for a permit

  • All permit applications are submitted online utilizing the Mississippi Enforcement and Licensure System (MELS).  Please note, if an applicant is employed by a dental or chiropractic office, they must submit an application to either the Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiners or the Mississippi Board of Chiropractic Examiners.
  • First time users must register and establish a Username and Password.  Click the link below to access the user Gateway:

MELS User Gateway


Instructions and Forms

Application Instructions

Notary Guidelines and Form


LXMOs Board-Approved Continuing Education

  • Information on board approved classes may be found via the links below:

Online Courses

Classroom Courses

Build-a-Tech Course


LXMO Permit Renewal

  • A Limited X-Ray permit may be renewed every two years by utilizing the MELS Gateway.  The renewal fee is $50 per two-year period.  Renewals may be requested between May 1 and June 30 of the expiring year.  To renew, the permit holder must provide evidence of completion of 12 hours of board-approved continuing education, with 6 hours of those in radiation protection.
  • Name change requests may be submitted with permit renewal applications at no additional cost.  Notarized copies of name change documentation must be submitted to the Board.  (See MSBML Notary Guidelines and Notary Form for submittal instructions).


LXMO Permit Reinstatement

  • If a LXMO permit is expired for one year or more, the applicant must complete a reinstatement application for the permit.
  • The applicant is required to submit the following:
    • Proof of continuing education completed for the current renewal period.
    • Proof of continuing education completed for the prior renewal period, in which the applicant did not renew the permit.
    • If the applicant is unable to produce proof of continuing education credits completed for the prior renewal periods, the applicant must submit a statement which explains why he or she did not complete the required continuing education.  This can include:
      • A change in job duties/position
      • Change in employment or unemployment
      • Medical/Financial reasons

Medical Radiation Technologist

  • A Medical Radiation Technologist is a person other than a licensed practitioner who has passed a national certification examination recognized by the Department, such as the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist examination or its equivalent, who applies x-radiation or ionizing radiation to any part of the human body for diagnostic purposes and includes the administration of parenteral and enteral contrast media and administration of other medications or procedures incidental to radiologic examination. 
  • Inquiries regardng registration as a Medical Radiation Technologist should be directed to the Mississippi State Department of Health.