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  • License renewals are taken each year between May 1 and June 30.
  • In even numbered years, licensees must attest to completing their continuing medical education (CME) requirement over the previous 2 years.
  • For MD/DO/DPM licensees, the CME requirement is 40 hours over two years. For licensees holding a current DEA number, the 40 hours of CME must include at least 5 hours of coursework related to prescribing of controlled substances.
  • For PA licensees, the CME requirement is 100 hours over two years, 40 hours of which must be Category 1, as defined by the ACCME, AAPA, AMA, or AOA.  Physician Assistants who are certified by the NCCPA may meet this requirement by providing evidence of current NCCPA certification. As part of this 40 hours, PA's authorized to prescribe controlled substances must complete at least 5 hours of CME every 2 years related to prescribing of controlled substances.
  • On July 1, licenses not renewed will expire. After this date, licensee's must pay a late fee for renewal.
  • After August 1, in order to renew, licensee's must submit a late renewal explanation via the MELS Licensure Gateway. Once the late renewal explanation is accepted by MSBML, the licensee will be able to submit a renewal application. Late fees will apply.
  • If a license has been expired for one year or more, the licensee must submit a Reinstatement application via the MELS Licensure Gateway in order to return to an active license status.
  • Renewal applications can be submitted via the MELS Licensure Gateway below. Once submitted, your updated wallet card will be emailed to you. Please ensure that you can receive emails from

MELS Licensure Gateway

Schedule of Renewal Fees