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Radiologist Assistant Licensure

  • A Radiologist Assistant license is available to graduates of a radiologist assistant program for the purpose of performing X-Ray procedures and operating X-Ray equipment in a medical delivery setting under the direct supervision of a radiologist.
  • A radiologist assistant may, under the direct supervision of a radiologist, perform selected procedures, assess and evaluate the responsiveness of patients undergoing radiologic procedures, evaluate image quality and make initial observations, and administer intravenous contrast media or other prescribed medications.
  • The radiologist assistant may not interpret images, make diagnoses, or prescribe medications or therapies. Refer the the Regulations below for more specifics on this license type.
  • Regulations

Applying for a license

  • All license applications are submitted online utilizing the Mississippi Enforcement and Licensure System (MELS).  First time users must register and establish a Username and Password.  Click the link below to access the user Gateway:

MELS User Gateway