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Board Action February 2018

Board Action 2018

Action Description February 2018

February 1, 2018



James Aiken, M.D.

All restrictions removed.


Donald Conerly, M.D.

Provided Licensee remains compliant during the interim with the order, effective March 16, 2018, all restrictions are removed.


Keith M. Simnicht, M.D.

Provided Licensee submits to the Board completion of Board ordered CME, all restrictions are removed. 


Arthur E. Wood, III, M.D.

Executed a Consent Order to obtain Board Approved CME.


Terrence Millette, M.D.

Executed a Consent order with terms and conditions.


Charles S. Fillingane, M.D.

Executed a Consent Order.


Rome Sherrod, M.D.

Voluntarily Surrendered Medical License


Nathaniel Brown, M.D.

License revoked.